I am a big fan of my cricket so I thought that we would talk about a common cricketer’s complaint known as “throwers shoulder”. This is not just limited to cricket though; it can be caused by throwing the ball for the dog, or in other overhead sports such as badminton or tennis.

It is normally a result of increased load placed upon the rotator cuff tendons surrounding the shoulder joint. The increased load is as a result of the speed at which we move the arm when throwing or serving in tennis or smashing in badminton, and normally occurs with sudden increase in activity which causes overload.

It normally leads to pain on the front or outside of the shoulder and upper arm. This is due to inflammation of the subacromial bursa causing impingement in the shoulder when the arm is out to the side or above the head.

The way to prevent this problem from occurring and resolving if it has already started is by strengthening the rotator cuff muscles. This will lead to the shoulder sitting in a better position, and prevent the impingement.

Here are some exercises to try to help strengthen the rotator cuff.



Lying on your front, with your arms at your side. Try to bring you shoulder blades together and down, and lift your arms off of the bed/floor.


Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 8-12 times.

Repeat 3 sets.






Push your hands out against the band, then slowly elevate your arms, trying to keep your elbows in.


Repeat 8-12 times with a slow controlled movement.

Repeat 3 sets.



Keeping the elbow at your side, pull the band or small weight outwards slowly. Try to keep your shoulder blades pulled together.


Repeat 8-12 times with a slow controlled movement.

Repeat 3 sets.

It is best to seek advice from a Physiotherapist if you have concerns about trying any of these exercises and please ensure they are pain free!.

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