It’s approaching that time of year; where most people will overindulge in food and drink, lose their normal routine and motivation to keep active. It’s noticeable in January the sudden increase in people who come to see physiotherapists, either due to a “Christmas party-dancing incident” or due to a change in activity over the Christmas period.


Here are a few ways to help manage your exercise amount over the holiday period:


  1. Plan ahead – use a calendar to work out which days you are free to exercise and also plan your workouts for the week. You are much more likely to stick to the workouts if it is planned out.
  2. Days off are allowed – everybody needs a day off to let your body recover. If these are planned in, you can organise social events without feeling guilty that you are not exercising.
  3. Get outdoors – even if it’s just going for a walk after lunch or dinner, try to get outside. The fresh air will do you good.
  4. Be consistent – people struggle to go back to exercise in January because they expect to do what they did before the holidays. The 10% rule, where you only increase an activity by 10% any week applies here. If you have had a week off, maybe expect a 10% decrease in what you can manage. If you have had two weeks off expect a 20% decline. Or keep exercising!
  5. Try something different – If you find that the class you go to is not available, then why not try something slightly different for a few weeks. Even if it is just a walk in the countryside.
  6. Getting some help – sometimes having someone to exercise with you keeps you honest and makes it more enjoyable.


So try to keep doing some form of exercise over the holiday period to avoid injuring yourself in the new year, but also to make you feel less guilty when you have an extra mince pie or piece of Christmas pudding.

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