Massage Therapy

Close-up of a back massage.

Close-up of a back massage.

Massage Therapy in Sandhurst

Thorpes Physiotherapy massage therapist, Beth, offers a form of treatment that provides relief from pain whilst stimulating healing of soft tissue injuries for athletes, chronic pain sufferers, headaches, neck pain, back pain and anyone complaining of general stiffness and soreness within the body.  She offers  tailor designed solutions specific to your needs and outcomes.

One point of difference is that Beth is also a Sports Therapist, and she  works side by side with expert physios to apply a complete body approach that addresses all possible underlying causes so that you can achieve the greatest physical outcomes from our massages. She is also currently studying for her Physiotherapy degree.

Anxiety, tension, pain and stiffness all affect your ability to function not only physically but also emotionally and professionally. Remedial massage therapists excel in not only addressing your specific problem but aim to improve your physical condition so that you move and feel better than you ever have before.
If you now want: –

  • to feel the best version of yourself
  • feel the relaxation benefits of therapeutic, sports or remedial massage
  • return to sport fast
  • or to just have some down time

Call 01276 37670 or email for an appointment with Beth.


I was lucky enough to have been given a sports massage  gift voucher by my wife for Christmas. I have not had a lot of sports massages so didn’t really know what to expect but she worked wonders on my muscles and I didn’t even realise I had issues.  Although far from gentle, it was actually very relaxing.  Highly recommended.

David Y

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