Here at Thorpes we have cutting edge technology wireless sensors called ViMove, which we use to help people with various things, including Back Pain.  These sensors are used by Manchester United and the British Gymnastics team and there are only a handful of clinics in the UK that have access to this technology.

These advanced sensors let us see exactly where people are moving, or not! and allows us to screen for general spinal health.  This then identifies what advice, exercises or treatment would be beneficial and what we find is that when people move better, their pain reduces.  Therefore if you or someone you know is suffering from niggly back pain or have had back pain in the past, this will be very useful for you.  

Please note that this would NOT be suitable if you have severe back back or sciatica at the moment as the assessment would be restricted
The ViMove sensors are our premium product and there is normally an additional charge to use them, However we are offering a 1 hour session, where we will assess your back using the ViMove sensors, discuss the findings and your low back profile (which we will send to you) and then go through any recommendations.  If you are currently under treatment then we will send this report to your physio and discuss the findings

This service would normally cost £108 but we are offering the service for only £68. It is a great way of gaining more insight into back pain and could be really helpful in getting to the root source of any problem. We want to use technology to create better outcomes for our patients

To take advantage of this great discount either email us at or call our team on 01276 37670