One of the first questions potential patients want to know when they call our company is: How much does Physiotherapy cost? Although this is a difficult question to answer, I will try to do my best here to explain some general pricing guidelines

Most of the time the overall cost of Physiotherapy is less than what most people think. The key in my opinion is getting your condition properly assessed early on and an accurate diagnosis made- I hear all too often people say ‘I wish I had come to you sooner’. If you address the problem early on then very often it’s a lot quicker and easier to sort out

It’s hard to give an accurate answer of how much Physiotherapy cost until we know what your particular problem is. For example, costs vary for an initial assessment depending on if you require a 45 minute assessment (£66) for a routine problem, or a 60 minute assessment (£82) for a more complicated problem

Follow up physiotherapy consultations can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length (£53-£88) depending on how many areas we need to treat, how complicated your problem is and how much treatment you want in each session. For some people it’s very important to get their problem solved ASAP, e.g. they may be self-employed and can’t currently work, or they may not be able to look after their grandchildren or play golf. These people may prefer to have 60 minute follow up treatments to get them better quicker.

Follow up treatments costs vary if you pay session by session or if you purchase a package of care. We do silver packages (3 sessions), Gold (5 sessions) and Platinum (7 sessions) with certain therapist, each offering an overall discount. Costs also vary depending on if you see the clinic Director (£6 more) or the Associate Physiotherapists.

It may be that your problem requires an Ostenil injection (which we offer here at Thorpes for knee joints with mild to moderate arthritis) –again the cost of this is different from routine Physiotherapy, but could be your best option and save you money in the long term.

Costs are different if you require Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy or Neurological Physiotherapy (we provide both here at Thorpes). Neurological Physiotherapy costs are different if you want us to come to your home (£78) to provide the treatment or if you come intoour Neuro Rehab Centre (£68).

It may be that massage is the best option for your particular need. The cost of massage is again different to Physiotherapy (£37-£57)

As you can see, the question of ‘How much does Physiotherapy cost’ can be seen of as a similar question to going into a restaurant and asking ‘How much is the steak’. The cost of steak will vary a lot depending on the cut you want and the size and therefore there isn’t just one answer.

For the reasons mentioned above, we strongly encourage people to speak to our admin team or Physiotherapists first, or to book a free Discovery Visit with a Physio to identify firstly if Physiotherapy can help your particular problem and if so what type of input would best suit your individual needs. We can then outline what we anticipate your physiotherapy costs will be and work with you to achieve the best solution for you. To book a Free Discovery Visit please click here

Some people are happy to just get an accurate diagnosis and advice about what to do and what to not do. Others want to get their problem properly sorted and it may take between 4-6 sessions on average to solve the most common problems we see at a cost of around £200-£300.

When the overall outcome is a return to work, or being able to play with your grandchildren pain free, or being back out on the golf course with your friends or running without pain –then the feedback we regularly get is that our service is great value for money. Let’s be honest, £200-£300 nowadays can easily be spend on a couple of meals out, some new clothes or the latest gadget etc. Ultimately, what can be a more worthwhile investment than your health and being able to do the things you love and enjoy / need to do without pain.

I hope this has been interesting.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Smith

Director of Thorpes Physiotherapy