Every patient is an individual, we take the time to assess each patient not only at the first session but also throughout the duration of treatment, and to ensure the programme we develop is right for each patient and their circumstances.
At initial enquiries and consultations we are often asked, what are 5 areas a Neurological Physiotherapist may work on with people with Parkinson’s

1. Physical mobility – for example getting in and out of bed or standing up from a chair.

2. Improving walking and turning – strategies to get going more easily and get into a rhythm of walking and doing walking exercises, for example marching.

3. Posture – keeping posture as good as possible by regular specific stretching exercises and working together to keep a good range of spinal mobility.

4. Strength and fitness – working on the anti-gravity muscles which keep us upright and making sure that physical activity is appropriate to keep up strength and maintain an optimal level of fitness.

5.  Balance and co-ordination – understanding which particular activities are providing most challenge and working on strategies and building strength and confidence to improve balance.

At Thorpes Physiotherapy, we have a team of specialist Neuro Physiotherapists covering areas around Sandhurst, Yateley and Fleet. We are always happy to discuss individual requirements and explore suitability for treatment over the telephone. If you would like to talk to one of the team, just get in touch on 01276 37670


Warm regards

Hannah Smith

(Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist)