“You must really watch what you eat”

Here are 3 basic practical things I remember at each of my main meals to practice “moderation” (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).  This way of thinking leaves me feeling satisfied and full as these meals will be fibre and protein rich, whilst filling and tasty!

1. ¼ of my meal/plate will include a Low GI carbohydrate source – rich in brain and muscle fuel (glucose)! I consistently choose whole-grain and high fibre breads/pastas/noodles/ rice/ cereals- oats. Examples include soy and linseed bread, whole rolled oats and basmati rice.  Anything that has 3g or more of fibre per serve is fantastic!

2. Another ¼  of my meal/plate will include a high quality protein rich food from either my lean meats/eggs OR low fat dairy food group.

3. ½ of my meal/plate will include at least 3 colours or varieties of vegetables/salads and fruit. The deeper the colour the vegetable, I know that it will be super nutritious. Example: I consistently choose baby spinach and rocket as my sandwich salads or salad bases instead of ice-burg lettuce.  A lot more interesting and tasty while being rich in folate and iron(for energy and vitality) with  almost 3 times more fiber per serve as lettuce!