tennis elbow

With Wimbledon now in full flow we thought this would be a good opportunity to give some top tips in preventing / treating tennis elbow! Tennis elbow is the common name for an injury to the muscles and tendons on the outside of the elbow that is a result of over use and strain. To prevent this occurring, follow these simple tips….

1) Ensure you have the optimum desk set up
• Wrists should be straight- you may need to use a small support under the wrists on the keyboard and the mouse
• Rest you arms on your desk when typing – ensure that your chair is at a height that allows this

2) Stretch
• Stretch your arms out 1-2 times a day if you predominantly do desk work. Try the following 2 stretches holding each of them for 20-30 seconds:-
Wrist extensor stretch
Wrist flexor stretch

If you already have some elbow pain then try the following

3. Complete the above forearm stretches x30 seconds, x2-3 per day, then wear an elbow clasp (available at Thorpes Physiotherapy) during the activities that make the pain worse
Epicondylar clasp

4. Self-massage the forearm muscles to ease tightness in the muscles contributing to pain. x10 mins in the evening after work is sufficient

5.  Strengthening exercises for your forearm.  With tendon problems it is really important to ensure you optimally load them with exercise.  The type of exercise required depends on your stage in the healing process and the severity of your injury – This will need to be determined by your Physiotherapist and a tailor made exercise programme prescribed

Otherwise enjoy Wimbledon!


Jonathan Smith
Thorpes Physiotherapy Ltd

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