The following data summary aims to demonstrate and quantify patient outcomes captured using the MSK-HQ over the period of 01/01/22 – 31/12/22 between admission and discharge. This data was collected from 690 patients. The outcome measure used was the MSK-HQ. This outcome measure quantifies patients’ symptoms with a lower score indicating more severe symptoms and a higher score indicating less severe symptoms. The score ranges from 0-56. The minimal clinical important difference (MCID) for this outcome measure is 5.5.

1) The following graph demonstrates the percentage of patients that showed an improvement
in their MSK HQ score and those that did not.

2) The following graph demonstrates the average admission score, average discharge score and the average change in score.

3) The following graph demonstrates the average admission and discharge scores per month for 2022.



The data above shows that the vast majority of patients that received treatment from Thorpes Physiotherapy in 2022 improved well beyond the minimal clinical important difference. In addition to this, the average patient improved by more than twice the minimally clinical important difference. This highlights that Thorpes Physiotherapy are exceeding the expectations of their NHS contract. We will continue to audit our patients quarterly using the MSK-HQ.

Dominic Walcott
Clinical Lead at Thorpes Physiotherapy