I’ve lost count the number of times that patients have injured themselves doing DIY or gardening – Its so common.

I’ve therefore put together some actionable tips for you – so muscle strains, and unexpected injuries don’t ruin your quality of life.


Let’s get straight to them:


1. Warm Up Before You Tackle Decorating
Decorating the house and any DIY task that takes up hours and hours, is like any form of exercise, so if you go at it without warming up your muscles first – there’s a high chance you could strain them.
My tip: Take a hot shower before you start your jobs, or go for a brisk walk around the town. That will get your body moving and your circulation going so your muscles will have the blood supply they need to work.


2. Don’t Do Too Much Too Soon
This is a common thing I see in the clinic… People doing too much too soon.
You might have spent the last few months not doing much around the house, then suddenly you’re putting your body through a ‘hardcore’ workout in the form of DIY. So, rather than trying to re-decorate the house in one go, take it easy.
Start with just one hour the first day, take a day off, see how your body feels, then aim for two hours the next day.
When you do too much too soon with anything, you’re likely to feel it, and not in a good way!


3. Don’t Concentrate On One Task For Too Long
If you spend your entire morning painting, your body is likely to complain. Instead do a little of several different jobs that use different muscles and positions. Then the same, a day or two later.
You’ll get the same amount done, but you won’t put too much pressure on one group of muscles. Make sense?
So try twenty minutes of moving furniture around, twenty minutes of painting, twenty minutes of enjoying a cup of tea… You get the gist.


4. Drink Enough
When you get carried away with any task, it’s easy to forget about time, and even forget to take breaks to eat and drink!
Take regular twenty minute breaks to enjoy a glass of water, cup of tea, or coffee, you’ll be glad you did.


5. Make Sure You’re Working At The Right Height
Invest in an adjustable work bench so you can put it at the right height whatever the job. And make sure the shelves in your greenhouse are at a height that doesn’t require you to bend excessively.
Whether you’re sawing, painting or potting plants, you need whatever you’re working on to be at around hip height. Be aware though, that you may have longer or shorter arms or legs than the average person, so the most important thing is to adjust your work area to suit your task and your body – then you won’t be putting any extra pressure on your body to get the job done.


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Warm regards