I was referred by my GP to the Thorpes clinic for physiotherapy because of chronic pain in my shoulder. I was able to elect to go to the Fleet clinic, which was near my work. I saw Jonathan Smith, who was able to diagnose the damage to my shoulder. I had experienced a great deal of pain for many weeks and loss of sleep because of the condition, and so I was very relieved to be able to work with Jonathan with a planned exercise regime to improve my mobility in my shoulder joint and reduce the pain. Jonathan recommended acupuncture and I was astonished that he was able to reduce the pain, enabling me to exercise my shoulder more. Jonathan advised my GP that I would benefit from a steroid injection, and with this and some more physiotherapy and acupuncture my shoulder began to heal. I am grateful that Jonathan’s considerable expertise has helped me avoid any surgery to my shoulder for which I am now free of pain. I would and have highly recommended the Thorpes Clinic for their expertise, access to appointments and very professional service.