Pregnancy and Postnatal Physiotherapy

The female body goes through some amazing transformations during and post pregnancy. It is very common to have postural changes, weakness in your pelvic floor and tummy muscles after having your baby. As Mums you need to bend, squat, lift and twist and it is important to restore normal muscle activity in the body to allow us to do these activities safely.

We believe that your body deserves as much attention as your baby’s – happy mum equals happy baby!

Did you know:-

  • Half of women have either weakness in their pelvic floor or tummy muscles post birth which can lead to incontinence
  • Over a third suffer chronic pelvic pain
  • Many women still have a diastasis (tummy gap) at 8 weeks postnatal

These conditions do not have to be something you ‘just live with’ after having a baby

A Mummy MOT is a detailed postnatal Physiotherapy assessment that assesses how your posture, pelvic floor and tummy muscles are recovering post birth.
This allows Ellie (our Pregnancy and Post-Natal Physiotherapy specialist) to provide you with bespoke exercises and treatments to help in your recovery and safe return to your normal activities/exercise.

After your assessment you will receive a written report of the findings and a bespoke programme with your lifestyle in mind to achieve your goals. Following on from this Ellie can work with you as you progress through your postnatal journey.


Is the Mummy MOT right for me?

A Mummy MOT is suitable and recommended for all women following vaginal or caesarean birth up to 6 years postnatal. Most women after having a baby have weakness in either the tummy or pelvic floor which then creates muscle instability. If left untreated the result can be back pain, pelvic pain, incontinence, or even prolapse. A Mummy MOT can help identify these weaknesses and avoid long term issues to get you back to doing your normal activities pain free.

  • Do you want to check that your body is recovering well after birth?
  • Do you want to know if it’s safe to go back to the gym/your sport?
  • Are you worried about leaking?
  • Do you have back or pelvic pain after birth?

A Mummy MOT can help with all these questions and help you to restore optimum function.

For more information about the Mummy MOT or to book in a consultation with Ellie please contact 01276 37670 or email






Ellie Wright
Specialist in Pregnancy and Post-natal Physiotherapy


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