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Who are we?

We are a team of specialist neurological physiotherapists with a combined 80 years of clinical experience.  We are focused on empowering individuals with Neurological conditions to maximise their independence, movement potential and helping them achieve the things that are important to them.   

We offer a unique rehabilitation package, including Community appointments, Clinic appointments, Neurological Hydrotherapy and specialised classes.  We cover a large area of North Hampshire, East Berkshire and West Surrey


What we do

Neurological Physiotherapy is the treatment of individuals who have neurological impairments; for example Traumatic Brain Injury or Stroke; Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury and Parkinsons disease. 

A detailed initial neurological assessment is required to identify your physical impairments and individual goals before your treatment sessions may commence.

As we are a team of specialist neuro physiotherapists we are able to provide whatever physiotherapy approach you may need.  This may include education, training, posture awareness, strengthening, stretching, sitting balance, standing balance, and walking practice (if applicable). We address issues proactively to prevent long term problems from developing.

Once your short term goals are achieved, neuro-physiotherapy treatment can be used to maintain and enhance your progress.  If this means joint working or longer sessions then this can be arranged.  We are also happy to work with other healthcare professions to be able to provide a rounded approach to your physiotherapy needs, this may consist of teaching carers to be able to complete a daily exercise program or guidance on transfer technique and handling.

When clients present with progressive neurological conditions such as Parkinsons disease or Multiple Sclerosis, we aim to provide advice and treatment during each stage of the condition. If early intervention is provided, it can help during the progression of the condition and reduce the degree of secondary complications. In some cases, clients can still make physical gains with improvements in posture, muscle strength and flexibility helping to improve their functional independence and their quality of life.


Community Appointment

Assessment and treatment sessions can take place in your own home if required.  This might be due to transport difficulties, mobility restrictions, to work alongside a carer or sometimes to identify issues within your own environment.  We cover a large area of North Hampshire, East Berkshire and West Surrey.  Individual arrangements can be made for therapists to travel outside of our catchment area.

Clinic Appointment

There are times when it is beneficial to see patients in our clinic where we have more space, rehabilitation facilities and access to more equipment.  We have disabled access and good parking facilities at our Neurological Clinic in Eversley.

Neurological Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy utilises waters unique properties to enable patients to move more freely and comfortably than they can on land and therefore can be of particular benefit to people with neurological conditions.

The ability to swim is not necessary for participation in hydrotherapy, however we are able to support return to swimming goals through use of the Halliwick techniques.

Our Hydrotherapy is held at the Senses Wellness Spa at Hampshire Lakes Retirement Village in Yateley.

Our Hydrotherapy sessions are 1-2-1 and tailored specifically for people with neurological conditions, balance and mobility problems.

PD Dynamic
This is a unique, fun exercise class led by a PD warrior trained neurological Physiotherapist.  It incorporates high intensity exercises and Pilates.  It is thought the high intensity exercises help produce beneficial neuro plastic changes within the brain.  The Pilates exercises help strengthen core stability and improve posture.  The class also aims to help educate and empower individuals and to provide a supportive environment in which to celebrate wins and tackle obstacles.
Classes take place at our Eversley Clinic at 1.30pm on Tuesdays.  Participants can join at any stage and following an assessment with one of our Physiotherapists.
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Neuro Dynamic

The class is a fun and challenging class, run by an experienced specialised neurological Physiotherapist, and is designed for people who have a neurological condition that wishes to improve their strength, cardiovascular function and mobility.

The classes are small with a maximum of 6 people so participants can be supervised and guided. Each class lasts for 45 minutes and consists of a warm up, an exercise circuit and a cool down.

Classes take place at our Eversley clinic at 2pm on Fridays. Participants can join at any stage following an assessment with one of our Physiotherapists.


Open Gym Sessions

The class is run by an experienced specialist neurological Physiotherapist and is designed for people with a neurological condition, who wish to complete their own exercise programmes under supervision and within the gym environment.

The aim of the class is to encourage patients to feel confident in completing their own exercises programme, with access to equipment and space, which they may not have access to  otherwise and to encourage rehabilitation and recovery with a safe environment.

The open gym class will last approximately 45 minutes.

Classes take place at the Eversley Clinic at 2pm on Wednesdays. These sessions are provided to support our clients who are currently in treatment with one of our neurological Physiotherapists.

If you would like to book a Physiotherapy consultation or exercise class, or if you would like additional information about our neurological services, please call 01276 37670 or email

We do offer FREE telephone consultations to see if Neurological Physiotherapy can help you.




After losing my entire left hand side from a stroke, Hannah has helped me to use my left arm and leg to function from day to day.  I am now able to walk and jus beginning to run again. Thorpes has helped me regain my life back to some normality.  The neural physio I receive is superb and I see results from every session. Extremely professional, dedicated, caring, knowledgeable and most of all fun. Very lucky to have found the team here.

Chris E

Jenny is always so positive and encouraging. My son has struggled in the past to engage with physio but she really pushes him in a way where he can achieve more.

Mrs D

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