Dynamic Leg Class


On a daily basis we deal with people who have aches and pains or who are injured.  One over-riding component that contributes to a lot of the problems we see is a LACK OF STRENGTH in the individual.  A lack of strength in the main lower limb muscles (Gluteals, Quadriceps and calf muscles) can contribute to hip and knee problems.  Our Dynamic leg class is designed to both strengthen the key lower limb muscles and also work on flexibility and fitness.

The class is run by an experienced Physiotherapist and consists of a warm up, followed by a specially designed exercise circuit for lower limb strength and conditioning and then finished  by a cool down.  The exercises will improve cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and lower limb strength, all of which are really useful in resolving bio-mechanical hip and knee pain.  The whole class takes around 45 minutes and to get the best outcome you would need to attend at least 3 times.  The class is deliberately small with a maximum of 4 people in each class – this ensures the physio can give each individual excellent attention.

This class is designed for people who have bio-mechanical hip and knee problems.  Please note it is not designed for people with high levels of hip / knee pain – these people may need to be seen by a physio for an individual treatment

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