When people ask ‘How much does Physiotherapy cost?, It’s very hard to give an accurate answer until we know what your particular problem is. For example, costs vary for an initial assessment depending on if you require a 45 minute assessment for a routine problem or a 60 minute assessment for a more complicated problem. Costs are different if you require Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy or Neurological Physiotherapy. Follow up treatments costs vary if you pay session by session or if you purchase a package of care. Costs also vary depending on if you see the clinic Director (Jonathan) or the Associate Physiotherapists. If we feel your problem is best suited by attending one of our exercises classes, then these prices are very different to 1-2-1 input.

For these reasons we strongly encourage people to speak to our admin team  to book a free Discovery Visit with a Physio to identify if Physiotherapy can help your particular problem,  and if so what type of input would best suit you. To book a Free Discovery Visit please click here

However, if there is no idea about costs on a website this can lead to a lack of trust and the idea that prices might be very high, therefore below is a guide on our costs:-

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Initial assessment (45 minutes) -£70-£76

Follow up treatment (30 minutes) -£58-£64

Class prices £25 per session (This includes Hydrotherapy, Better Back Programme and Dynamic Leg Class)

Massage (25 minutes) -£40

Massage (40 minutes) – £50

Massage (55 minutes)- £60

Care Packages include Silver, Gold and Platinum –please contact us

Neurological Physiotherapy

Initial assessment in clinic (45 minutes) £64, Domiciliary £74

Follow up treatment in clinic (45 minutes) £64, Domiciliary £70

Neurological Hydrotherapy classes, Pilates classes and PD Dynamic Classes –Please contact us

We strongly recommend that you have a free phone consultation with one of our Neurological Physiotherapists before booking to ensure you book the appointment best suited to your needs. To arrange this please call 01276 37670

Jonathan Smith MSc,BSc, FSOMM, MCSP

Principal Physiotherapist and Director

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