The Better Back Programme (currently unavailable)


Low back pain is the most common Musculoskeletal condition people see their GP for and is the most common thing we treat here at Thorpes Physiotherapy.  In the acute stages of recovery treatment often requires manipulation, massage and acupuncture.  As the condition gets less irritable then evidence shows exercise and education are really important to get longer term relief.  It is for these reasons that we have designed a programme that covers these aspects and its called ‘The Better Back Programme’.  We want you to leave this programme with ultimately a ‘better back’

The class is run by an experienced Physiotherapist and starts with a really useful short educational talk about the key aspects of low back pain and what you can do to help yourself.  Its an informal talk and we encourage lots of questions and discussions.  The exercise component consists of a warm up, followed by a specially designed exercise circuit for low back pain and then finished  by a cool down.  The exercises will improve cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and core stability, all of which are really useful in resolving low back pain.  The whole class takes around 45 minutes and to get the bests outcomes you would need to come at least 3 times.  The class is deliberately small with a maximum of 4 people in each class – this ensures the physio can give each individual excellent attention.

This class is designed for people who have had back pain or those who are still having frustrating niggles.  Please note it is not designed for people with high levels of back pain – these people may need to be seen by a physio for an individual treatment

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