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Run Lab: Optimise your technique. Run efficiently and injury free.

65-80% of runners get injured – that’s because running is a skill and not something that is taught or coached when we are young. The more efficient and economical your running style, the less energy you use, the more evenly force is distributed through your body and therefore the less chance of getting injured.

Run Lab is our unique, specialised service for runners which uses the latest technology to gather data about the individuals running style and biomechanics.  It comprises of 3 parts:-

1) Vi-Move analysis.  Our state of the art, wireless senses are placed on the body enabling biomechanical information to be fed back to our computer software.

2). Slow motion Video.  We film you running, slow it down to 1/8th of the real time speed which then enables us and you to analyse all aspects of your running style.

3). Biomechanical tests.  From analysing the latest research we have devised a series of tests, looking at muscle strength and flexibility to highlight any possible weak areas that need addressing.

The whole procedure takes 1 hour.  You then leave with a printed report of this information to take home and an action plan to address any issues found.

A course of treatment may be required or a strengthening programme issued. Most patients will then be reviewed 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation using the same testing methods to determine improvements.

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