''The 7 Natural Ways to STOP Neck and Shoulder Pain''

....From Disturbing Sleep and Causing Headaches!


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''I Am Now Pain Free''

''I received invaluable advice for neck problems that helped me manage pain over the past few weeks to the point of now being PAIN FREE. Having received physio in professional Rugby I can honestly say that Jonathan and his team are right up there!''

   Ollie H

''My Neck Feels Like New!''

''I went to Thorpes Physiotherapy for help with an injured Neck from dancing. I was met by wonderful staff, who were friendly and extremely helpful. I was treated by Laura who was amazing and has made my neck feel like new. The atmosphere of the clinic was superb and I could not fault the service''

  Jazmine R

This guide is for the person suffering from the torment of Neck / Shoulder Pain. The type of 'niggling pain'' or 'dull ache'' that's frustrates you so much that that you feel the only option is to reach for the painkillers.

The problem with this is, all those painkillers are not good for your stomach and sometimes too much rest isn't good for these injuries either

Over the last 14 years ive been helping people every day find relief from their neck / shoulder pain (over 15000 people) - and I can tell you now that the unhealthy mix of painkillers and rest will do absolutely nothing to get to the root cause of the problem... despite what you may have read or your GP told you!

And its because im growing increasingly frustrated that people with Neck / Shoulder Pain are suffering un-necessarily that I've written this guide that outlines the 7 things ANYONE can do to reduce their pain naturally.

If your neck / shoulder pain is stopping you doing the things you enjoy in life, affecting your work or causing you stress and worry...then you really need to read this report

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Jonathan Smith

Leading UK Physiotherapist

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